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White Asparagus Is Everywhere!

It's asparagus season (Spargelzeit)!  Throughout Germany, from mid-April to the end of June, white asparagus comes into season, and it'll be all over the place, from restaurants breaking out their asparagus menus (Spargelkarte), to grocery stores setting up small stands specifically for white asparagus inside, and sales of Hollandaise sauce skyrocketing.

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"American" Products in Germany?

"Wait!  I saw the flag on some cookies at the grocery store the other day!  ...And on some peanut butter.  ...And baked beans?  Cake pops?  What?"  For anyone who's been in pretty much any German grocery store, you've probably seen products that had some stylized stars and stripes on them, and have been a bit confused.  They won't say "American" on them (unless they're the type of dry chocolate chip cookies you might be used to buying a large package of back home), and won't be from a brand you recognize, but are instead by some company with a vaguely American sounding name.  What's up?

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